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Identity: Hero Coffee Bar

In this project I am developing a new brand identity for a local Coffee Bar called Hero Coffee Bar. Started by Michelle & Trey, their mission is to make a positive impact on Chicago, with locally roasted coffee and the charity projects they started.


In the brainstorming phase I was looking at all possibilities, pushing the ideas as much as I could. 


My inspiration of the first three variations came from superman logo, the hero that’s most well-known to all of us. 


The two sketches came from the idea of coffee empowers people in the morning.


These three came from sunrise and sun beam, implying idea of coffee as ”a hero that brings energy and power to people to save the day”. The left one came from the shape of shields heroes in Greek mythology used, with the initial H on it.

The Final Mark

final mark with text 2.png

The final design is taken from the starting point of sunshine beam. The idea of sunrise is enhanced by moving the sun to the bottom.

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