Identity: Action 365

In this project I'm re-designing the visual system for a non profit organization called Action 365, that promotes the spirit of kindness and offering to be extended to the entire year, and encouraging organizations to make donations.

The Base Font:
Drescher Grotesk BT

Drescher Grotesk BT is a font mainly consist of geometric shape, which makes it perfect to slice them into quarters.

​Each letter has been sliced and pieced together like puzzles, expressing the idea of "coming together for each other" in the tagline.

slicing title.png

The Tagline

I designed the tagline "Coming together for each other." for this event, to initiate the idea of spreading the kindness in Thanksgiving throughout the year. This is a project for organizations to donate and show kindness, so the idea of small organizations come together to become something bigger.

The Poster

Postcard Design

Communication Plan

Toolkit For Organizations